requires that the exporter supplies information concerning:

June 27, 2018

Description of goods: the name of the item being exported

Total quantity: Total mass of the consignment which could be in tones and kilograms.

No of items expected: this is where you are exporting more than one unit of an item.

HS Code: harmonized system code. This code is gotten from the NEPC website

Unit of measurement: it could be in kilograms or tonnes

Quantity: total quantity of consignment

Net weight: weight of one unit of the item being exported

Gross weight: weight of all the items being exported.

FOB value: Free on Board value. This is the total cost of the items being exported alone.

Freight charge: This is the charges from the shipping company for transporting your items to the destination port.

Total C & F: FOB value + Freight Value. If you have different grades or sizes of the item to be exported, please fill details of each grade or size individually in this section. Please note that different grades of an item can have different HS code. See the NEPC website for more information on HS code.