A team with experience and vision

Adapting Global Skills
- to Solve Local Problems

Neroli Technologies is a full-service pre-shipment Inspection and consultancy services company providing solutions in Non-Oil (dry cargo) and Oil pre-shipment Inspection to customers in Nigeria, the West African sub-region and Africa as a whole.

The company was conceived to break the one-sided approach of developed countries in respect of trade with developing ones and to deliver first class pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) and consultancy services throughout the 36 states of Nigeria and the African continent.

In July 2015 the company was appointed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to deliver non-oil Pre-shipment Inspection in the South-South and South-East of Nigeria under the NES Scheme and has since streamlined its operations to focus on the effective delivery of that mandate

Our combined wealth of experience, extensive practical business know-how, local knowledge and direct contact with the principal markets are components which have been crystalized into the company, Neroli Technologies Limited with the singular aim of delivering world-class Results, consistently

Neroli Technologies is strategically positioned to take advantage of the opportunities available to a Nigerian-owned company in a post-deregulation sector by guaranteeing global standards in its operations accompanied with the highest devotion to quality and professional service delivery.

We have demonstrated this commitment to accountability and efficacy in service delivery in the handling of our mandate within the Ness Scheme which commenced in July 2015, consistently opening up new communication lines with hidden exporters, smugglers and encouraging locally focused small businesses to look outward and enter the export market.

Also, we have demonstrated a keen commitment to reporting obligations with all supervising agencies under the scheme, complying to the varying requirements of each agency with seeming effortlessness.

How we stay Competitive

We go the extra mile to stay abreast of innovations worldwide, soak up the local culture, harness local manpower and study the local political and economic scenario. The company, therefore, has practical operating models that are tailored to each client context, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costs. This local expertise gives Neroli Technologies competitive edge over older companies who have become stuck in various paradigms that cripple efficiency and fail to optimize the existing market.


To constantly deliver expected results and create value for our clients in all scenarios with exceptional service delivery.


To be the leading inspection and technology services company in Africa.

Our Values

Attention to Quality of Service

Team Work






From the well-thought-out business plan to the seamless trading network to the expertise of our team, Neroli Technologies consistently aims at the highest standards of international business practice


We believe success in business, as in life, depends largely on relationships. Extensive public and private sector contracts throughout Nigeria and across the globe are our links to a bright future.


Our reputation is our strength. Transparency and reliability are our watchwords. At Neroli Technologies, a keen sense of accountability permeates all we do.